Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I spent over 6 hours yesterday starting and working on this guy.

5x6 foot

But wound up painting these guys.

5x5 inch

Eve and I had an exemplar party last night. My apartment is resembling a warzone. There is construction paper bits EVERYWHERE, even in my bathroom. I think I have paint behind my ears and in my belly button.

It's hump day. But I still have 75% of my work to do.
I need to add at least 6 hours to every day to finish everything.
I need an IV to pump coffee in to me.

Side note:
I have my Peace Corps interview next Wednesday.
I get fingerprinted at the ole police station today.
I told my dad that I had applied and had an interview, and I'm pretty sure he hates the idea. He gave me all of my student loan information, which until this time I've been pretty oblivious about. It sent me into a stake of anxiety, shock, and depression- which I am trying to push away and forget that I ever saw the amounts. I am, afterall, going to marry a 75 year-old multi-billionaire.


TexasDeb said...

I am betting your Dad is worried about you going away where he can't help/protect you.

I get that.

Still, I am guessing he will be proud as hell if you make it.

Get your work done and be FABULOUS on Wednesday in your interview!

Flapjacks said...

spoken like a true surrogate mom.

Shaela said...

With your dad, I would recommend emphasizing the loan deferment angle. WIth your particular loan I think it'll also be interest free. And of COURse he's wierded out by the idea - not much of a traveler, that Howard. He'll be okay. I'm more worried about how Meredith is going to react. Sad eyes. Wilting withering whine. And then she'll get used to your absence. And barely recognize you on your return...

PassivePastry said...



I love you.
I can't wait to come to Albany and see bar fights with you.