Friday, December 26, 2008

Ahoy from RED SOX land!

Us Texans always bring the warm weather with us...
Rhode Island...Day 1... 30 degree "heat wave".. It is actually beautiful today... No wind... I didn't need a hundred layers of clothes after all. 
Our hotel: My first snow pile sighting!

We visited my Aunty Barb (not my aunt) and ate lunch with her awesome Rhode Island lady pals. Maybe it's their accents... Maybe it's Emily's awesome fashion sense and the fact that she shovels snow (at age 80ish?)...Or maybe it's the fact that all of these ladies use the phrase "wicked cold".. Whatever it is, I love them and I love our short visit with them. My aunty Barb stuffs us with cookies, cheesecake, fruit, juice- whatever we will take. And it would be offensive not to take it!

We all ate at a restaurant we always eat at, I had some yummy stuffed scrod- stuffed with scallops and shrimps and yummy love. Afterwards, I looked at the goods on the beach of the Atlantic. 

Then it was off to my brother's abode in Connecticut. 

I tried his award-winning beer, a Berliner Weisse (a sour wheat) which took second place in the New England Regional Homebrew Competition..... not too shabby. It was quite deelish. He then took my mom on his basement brew tour and showed her an abridged version of how it is done. 

If I had space I'd like to try my hand at brewing someday. 

I'm looking forward to traveling to Boston tomorrow for our girls trip (with my niece) to the American Girl Bistro. Yee-haw!

More to come.... 

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Flapjacks said...

mmmmn... berliner weisse... i love sour beers, and that is the most refreshing of them all.