Thursday, December 4, 2008

I want a hippopotamus...

I don't care how stressed with work I am. I needed to make time for a little cheer. 
I had to go to Breed & Co yesterday. While there, I discovered an entire section of the store I never knew about.... The NON-hardware section!! Woweee! Full of interesting foods, kitchen gizmos, books, candles, and CHRISTMAS DECOR!!

It must have been fate, because my eyes immediately found this guy-

A Christmas Pickle Ornament!!!

I don't have a Christmas tree to hide it in, so it is proudly dangling above my kitchen counter. 
I also decided to buy some lights and deck my lil' apartment out in those. They add just the right amount of glow I need. After all, I don't really like Christmas or Christmas decorations (Shhhhh, don't tell). I'll probably leave them up all year. 

I set out my Christmas fondue moose, because every moose lover needs one. 

I hung up my pickle, put on my holiday socks and was all set to do work. Low and Behold, the lesson I was working on required carving out Styrofoam to make a print, so I soon had a pile of snow all around me, on my clothes and in my hair. 

I forgot to mention another Breed & Co. find: A chocolate advent calendar!! 

My mom used to give me these when I was little, so I feel a little nostalgic opening this up for my daily chocolate dose. I didn't find a price tag on it, and nearly had a heart attack when it rang up to THIRTEEN DOLLARS!!! Geeez. I suppose it's because the chocolate is almost good and they are individually wrapped as presents. There are also little poems on the inside of each door. Todays:
"The Christmas tree looks twice as nice, decorated by these mice."

Now it's work time! Studying for my art history test by the glow of little white lights. I need some hot chocolate and I'll be in business. 


TexasDeb said...

How does somebody who just put up lights, hung a Christmas Pickle, and owns a Santa Fondue Moose get away with claiming she does not like Christmas decorations?

Those advent calendars are dangerous. If you eat a chocolate ahead of its day you warp the space/time continuum. (as I told my kids). You've been warned!

PassivePastry said...

It's complicated. :) those three things are about all the decoration i can handle.
I've never really liked christmas.... besides the baking, seeing certain family members and being off school.

the following gives me queasy feelings in my stummy: store bell ringers, multi colored house lights and inflatable yard things, going to 4 christmassss (product of a broken home), the fanfare of christmas gift opening, heated houses, wassail, christmas aisles in grocery stores, santas in the mall, christmas sweaters........etc.

TexasDeb said...

Duly noted. We have our multicolored lights up. We had neighbors once that commented how they disliked the colored lights - "makes the house look like a tavern" the woman sniffed.

We've had colored lights ever since.

I feel you on the Christmas Sweater front however. And the inflatable yard bs. Yeah. Nothing says "Peace on Earth" like an inflated ball with fake snow flying around in it.

As to store ringers - just think of yourself as an extra in a REALLY large scale production of Guys and Dolls and you'll be just fine.