Thursday, October 22, 2009


This weekend will be Zombielicious!!

Friday- Zombieland viewing with Randy and Co. I hope it's not too scary- I am a weenie Zombie poser lady.

Saturday- Thrill the World Dancing! Complete with a full dance lesson at 5pm and a mass Thriller dance at 8pm which will hopefully break the world record- weeeee!
Description from the Alamo Drafthouse Page:
On Saturday, October 24 we'll have the main event at the iconic abandoned power plant in downtown Austin: SEAHOLM! The festivities that day will start at 5pm with a FULL LESSON for anyone that hasn't had a chance to learn the dance yet. Then promptly at 8pm we'll join in with all of the Thrill the World dancers from across the world, setting at least one world record and maybe, just maybe, taking Mexico City down as well. After that performance, we'll have multiple screens set up to play music videos and more and we'll celebrate with Austin's first Rolling Roadshow outdoor Sing-Along with a full on Michael Jackson Dance Party.
Fun pictures to come! Nothing planned for Sunday yet, but word on the street is I am being thrown a pickle picnic! Color me Green!
The weekend is forecasted to be beeeeauteeful! Get out there and get yer Zombie on!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Friday Night Tale....

Randy is a Geography teacher.
Randy invited me to the Manor High Homecoming game and dance.
We made each other mums.

Randy's mum was robot themed. It's name was Mumbles.

My mum had drawings of Julia Child, a pickle, an art palette and art easel on it.

We went to the football game.
And then to the dance.

And while at the dance we discovered this little gem, which I will be submitting to Cakewrecks.

Despite the lovely HEBaked good, the night was fabulous. Even better than my high school homecoming experiences- which I'm not sure I even partook in.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Clydene Celeste Damron(English)- 8th Grade
Mee-Maw turned 80 in September.

Mee-Maw is my mom's mom and has collected bells over the years while on her travels. Us grandchildren used to ring the ones on her entry shelves and she would threaten to make us dust them. My brothers and I had first pick and I took home 6 or 7 bells; most of them were from India and one was an old school bell- because I'm a teacher and all.
Mee-Maw decided to give away bells at her birthday- she gave away well over 150 bells.
There was a grand slide show put together by my brothers and I designed the invitation.
A deeeeelicious raspberry butter cream cake was served.
My brother Tony flew in from Connecticut. Between him, my other brother Ben, and me, we had plenty of photos of the event .

There were 4 generations and some of my Mee-Maw's oldest friends present.

One man even told me that he and my grandmother used to ride horses to their schoolhouse together. Bah!

My friend Mollie who I've known since elementary played the harp.

It was a grand 'ole time. Happy Birthday Mee-Maw!!
(She is kind of adored by all)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tis the Season?

Whether it is because I am the product of a very large family, Santa Claus is not very creative, or my folks want their life to be made easier, I am required to submit some form of Christmas list every year.

You may have noticed some hints and suggestions already posted on my past blog entries....

I really am at a point where I don't need or want much. I don't have space, really. But this year I have thought of two things that I really, really want and "need."

1) A bathrobe

I no longer live by myself, and scampering from the bathroom to my room in the buff is no longer acceptable. A towel alone can be chilly and I am modest. Nuff Said.

2) A Dutch Oven

Not the Urban Variety.
1. Colloquially, a "game" in which one person traps another under a doona after a pungent rectal emission in order to "share" the odour.
Rather, this type.

Although I may not be worthy of such beautyful kitchen things, I have a dream of acquiring a set of GREEN Le Creuset cookware.
I figure I have a number of years left to cook, and these will last a long time. I'll just start one pan at a time...... Hopefully this year- an oval Dutch Oven!! (or French Oven) I'm not at all sure about the size so any suggestions would be grand.

I do not at all need these, but I have been lusting after them ever since I saw them in the Le Creuset outlet store. Soooo cute!

Julia who?

This post is a little past due.....Meh.

A week-ish ago, on one of the first "chilly" and cloudy days I became inspired after a Central Market shift to make an innard-warming meal of sorts. Remembering the movie Julie and Julia, I decided to try Julia Child's version of beef bourguinon. I spent the next 5ish hours preparing a meal which ended up feeding Randy, Emily, and Gilbert.... some pals with kind words and very appreciative stummys.

I knew I was very capable of making this turn out deliciously, and I knew Randy would love me for it. I did not know the amount of pans, time, and work involved. I am convinced that I do not have the patience to be a full-time French chef. I am also in love with Julia's way of making a cookbook- so informative and detailed. I remember watching her as a child on PBS and remember loving her and thinking she was a bit bonkers. (Christmas list idea: Julia cookbooks!)

I will skip the recipe, descriptions, complaints, and things and simply post a few pictures.

I have never made anything requiring an herb bouquet...

Lessons learned:
  1. Brown Braised pearl onions are worth every second of work and provide a magical party in your mouth.
  2. Don't be afraid to really, really brown the beef before cooking. I didn't give mine enough color- but it was still deelish in the end.
  3. Mine took well over two hours until the beef was fall-apart tender- almost 3. I followed the Central Market meat-man's suggestion and used a less fatty stew meat.
  4. A dutch oven is going on my Christmas list!

This kicked my traditional Irish stew's (or any stew at that) beefy arse. All of the flavours really came through, especially that entire bottle of red wine. Served on mashed potatoes it was just perfect. I can't wait for more chilly weather to come around.