Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Tis the season.... the season of graduations- something I was due to do last May. 
I'm officially done with my studio art degree, just have to finish up my education degree. 
But I get to see my pals graduate and start their lives in the "real world," taking part in Filipino goodness in the process!

My pal Vanessa graduated. We met in class and were instantly friends after I found out that she graduated from the Texas Culinary Academy

I also asked her right away if she was Filipino. After dating a Flip for 6 years, I have a knack for recognizing them. And I've grown a love for Filipino foods. 

Vanessa's party included LOTS of foods. And a Lechón- a big ole' roasted pig. The apple is lucky. 

What was left of the Lechon when I arrived. 

I left quite content. I was even sent home with a pig foot- I have yet to come up with what I'm going to do with it. I loved surprising the guests with  my limited Tagalog skills. I can say "The chicken/pork/fish is good!", "thank you", "where is the bathroom", and "i love you." I think I'd make it in the Philippines.

Afterwards we watched the De la Hoya/ Pacquiao fight. Yes, I watch boxing. Yes, I was rooting for De la Hoya in a sea of 20 something Filipinos. It was awesome. De la Hoya lost, he's just too old for boxing. But he sure is pretty. :)

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