Thursday, May 28, 2009

The good, The Ugly

Good Find:    OKRA CHIPS!!!!!!
Oh thank heaven for Central Market. I was a giddy little shopper when I stumbled upon containers of these guys by the coffee/tea/body sections. 
Similar to fried okra, only much crunchier. So crunchy in fact that I found these can be dangerous to the gums, but well worth it. 

Bad Find: Emma has Fleas. 
Emma has been transforming in to more and more of an outdoor cat, which is fine by me because she still refuses to Poo in her litter box. She even recently PEED on a pile of  my student's artwork that I was planning on putting in to my final portfolio. 
What does all of this mean? She didn't do it when I first adopted her. 
I think she hates me. 
Anyhow, I found that as long as I keep her outside, all is well and swell and there are no "presents" left for me when I get home. 
Until now. 
Fleas. Flease. And more fleas. Did I mention Flea Poo??
I had never seen the little buggers until now, and I wouldn't mind never seeing them again. Emma has a flea collar and has been through two topical flea treatments with no luck. 
Today she went to the vet and got a pill, and a sorry look from the kitty nurse, and I was told to go buy stuffs to de-flea my apartment and comb out as many as possible from my terror of a cat. 
Not sure what my next step is. 

An update from the Big-People world: I got an interview! 
For an elementary school in Manor. 
I've been told to think of the first interview as a "practice", which is not very reassuring because I really, really want this job. I found out another job in Manor has been filled, which leaves me with only two schools as possibilities. Arg. 
My interview is on Monday. My stummy is already nervous. Wish me luck. 

Monday, May 25, 2009

I don't know where to begin......

I am now a graduate, with two bachelors, of UT Austin. 

I received bunches of stuffs so far.... One of those stuffs was this awesome camera. 

Another stuffs, pictured on finger: white gold ring with 14 diamonds and a garnet (my birthstone)

For the past week I've been a busy, busy geezer. Doing things like hanging out with the fam, eating delicious food, hoola hooping, watching Casablanca at the Paramount, spending the night in a haunted Driskill room, learning to knit, and making bananas fosters rice crispy treats. Rough, I know.  

White chocolate rice crispy treats topped with grilled banana puree, white chocolate chips, and homemade brandy caramel sauce. :)

I'll try to do some more informative or themed blogs soon, but for now I have to go do 'important' things like take showers and deposit moneys and hopefully fit a swim in somewhere. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I: Part 2


Am almost finished with my last college assignment EVER... A giant professional teaching portfolio. 

Am trying to find a new home for my cat Emma, who peed on some student artwork that was supposed to go in to the above portfolio. She also regularly poops on my floor- never in her litter box. (Any takers??)

Am about to start a massive job search for any available art teaching gig in or surrounding Austin. 

Ran in the 2009 Undie Run and swam in the UT fountain. 

Was quoted in the Daily Texan about my experience doing the Undie Run. 

Am broke. 

Am getting ready to mail out graduation announcements that will (hopefully) temporarily cure my broke-ness. 

Was given a cake on my last day of student teaching and a student sculpture. 

Am super proud of all of my student's art work. 

Wire and Pantyhose Sculptures, 8th Grade

More to come when I am officially done with the schooling....