Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Albany, How I love thee.

The wind blew...Literally... And killed Shaela's carefully (at one time beautifully) decorated tree in front of the courthouse.

So I finally got to visit my longtime pal Shaela, and see her new home and town- Albany, Texas. Population a few thousand-ish. Yee-haw!
She recently got a "real" job at this awesome museum (with quite the little collection) as the education outreach something-or-other and will be living there a couple of years before grad school. 

Albany- pretty much the best small town after Marfa, Texas I've ever visited. We started off our visit with what else? A trip to the famous Beehive steak house of course!
I had one of the best chicken fried steaks I've ever eaten. Shaela go the Prime Rib- which she cut with a BUTTER KNIFE. It was soooooo good. 

Perfectly tender and fried. Not too much breading. Gravy on side. Yes, yes, yes!

Complete with hidden garlic. Soooooo good, even if was practically mooing. 

After our meal, a rancher at the table next to us asked me how my steak was. (He had overheard me asking the waitress about the battering process). After giving it two thumbs up we went on to chat a bit more and at some point the following description of his day was given to Shaela and mes. 
((Read with most hickdified accent possible))

"Yeah, I wake up and drink 5 cups of coffee.
Not all at once or anything, I wake up bout 4am and drink them til sun up. 
Then I go out and do my chores.. feed the cows. 
I come in and eat some cheese and crackers. 
And those hold me over the rest the day. 
At dinner, ask my wife, we just eat us some beef."

He also made statements such as:
"You'll wake up so hungry in the morning because that B12 in that beef."

"You'll never gain weight eating this meat"

Shae, am I forgetting anything? 
It was awesome! I wish I had a recorder. 

The local sheriff told me to "Put a rock in my pocket so I don't blow away."

I love small town charm... Even if one has to sacrifice things like grocery store hours (the oneAlbany store closes at 9), and restaurant (or men) selections- ha! 

Albany is most definitely a ranching community. I was constantly reminded this and the small town aspect by the store called "Lynch Line", and the men in CHAPS in the convenience store! (Pretty much every man in town wore cowboy hats)

So these were the highlights of my Albany trip. I did buy Shaela grass perfume and a bacon chocolate bar for her birthday/Christmas. The chocolate was amazing!!! I would recomment it to anyone. 

Inspecting the porky in her chocolate

Shaela gave me these awesome Sporkems! I'm a  collector, ya know. 

Thanks Shae! You sounded to perty practicing yer solo in the Messiah... Like a lil' angel!! Any wealthy Albany rancher would be lucky to have you! 

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Shaela said...

The most touching tribute - thanks...

I will add that the gas station Jennifer mentioned (see the picture featuring chaps-and-cowboy-hat-clad dudes) also happens to be the second-best eatery in town. Their hamburgers are friggin' transcendant.

It was such a treat having you here, Nej! The town's still abuzz about my "cute as a button" visitor, by the way - yer famous!