Monday, December 29, 2008

Cupcakes- Redesigned.

I got these neat-o silicone cupcake liners for Christmas from my sister-in-law.... In exchange they expected cupcakes made with them. 

I just tried baking Amy Sedaris's cupcake recipe in them, and decidedly give the liners 2 thumbs way up. 

I did some internet research and "seasoned" the liners before baking with them. (A light coating of oil) The cupcakes slid right out. My mom, niece and I taste-tested one of the fresh baked cakes and approved of them whole-heartedly. 
Thank you Amy. 

Later today after shopping I'll whip up a wintery butter cream icing to fill and top them with, and the fam will hopefully be happy. 

I am in charge of finding a place to eat tomorrow night in Baltimore.... Any suggestions?

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