Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hippo Highlights

Three Christmas's down, Two to go. 

Here are some highlights of my loot thus far.... Pictures to come.

Yoga mat and fancy towels, hooray!

A wall sized map of the world. 

A knife with my name engraved on the side of the blade. 

An Iced tea maker!!!!

A cuisinart rice cooker/steamer

A cast iron panini press gizmo


Some magical Chanel face cream to stop my aging before it begins. 

Tomorrow we go to the Chesnut "compound"- I'm looking forward to meeting their new English Mastiff puppy and catching up with the camels. 

Then on Christmas day it's off to Connecticut! My brother said there is a foot of snow! Eeeeek!
We will be flying in to Rhode Island, then visiting Boston and Connecticut. Hopefully the weather and airline pilot will be kind to us. 

Merry Days to all!!

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