Friday, November 21, 2008

When life hands you lemons

Make Leona-Lemon.


Shaela said...

1) Jojo's is no more. Just another empty building which happens to resemble a hamburger. I heard a rumor they weren't paying their taxes.

2) Is there NOTHING unforgetable from the kitchen of Shaela Nay? My Herby Chicken Pot Pie? (Made it right before Peace Corps - You liked it I think...)Curried Shepherd's pie with butternut squash mash stuff? (Have I ever even made you that?) Cucumber-vinegar salad in Macedonia? (ok, maybe not that one)

Crap. I need to start cooking again. I command you to put me on your list. I've made plenty of wow-ers. Lie if need be.

Wait a second! I STARTED the gourmet rice crispie thing. I suddenly demand credit!!

3) The bacon strip scarf was around last Christmas, but in a kitschier less fashionable manifestation. I actually thought about getting it for you last year. This year I am getting a flimsy unused sheet of wrapping paper, as you have yet to acknowledge my birthday in gift form.

4) Love!

PassivePastry said...

yer biscuits... i love love and crave those regularly.

i'm sorry i've neglected yer birthday present. it seems this is the year for me to do that. (i never sent my mom anything either??)

i will make up for it in some way.
will a combined christmas/birthday present due??
itll have to wait til after my hell weeks coming up.

can i come visit you in ALLLLbany?