Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halllllloweeeen. 08.0

I make baked goods for my friends bands. 
It started with The Laughing. 
then moved to The Lemurs. 
then Mike and The Moonpies. 

Tonight I served rice crispy treat sushi! Complete with sushi to-go boxes from my sushi pal Sam.
Because my Halloween costume was:

suuuuuushi. shrimpy nigiri. mmmmmmmmm. 

the night, abridged:

Logan from The Laughing. 

A homemade flaming.. uh... costume. 



That's all folks. 
There was also some Lemuring, flasking, laderhosening, dancing, chatting, and craigslisting involved. 

All sushi was consumed, even those that I accidentally dropped in the grass. 
A lot of random people took my photo so I'm not sure where those will turn up. But at least it made me feel like I was putting my art student-ness towards something useful??

So long Halloween. 

Until next year.


Flapjacks said...

hells yeah. that's very creative, and delicious. maybe i'll be a piece of toro or hamachi next year...

TexasDeb said...

Adorable. And delicious. Your friends are lucky lucky folk. And your parents are cute, too.

I miss my daughter - she is far away up in It is Cold for Halloween Land going to school. I didn't think to call and cackle to her to celebrate.

Next year!