Monday, November 3, 2008

"Procrastinate now, don't put it off."

Oh, Ellen.

Tomorrow at Starbucks, if you go in and tell them you've voted you get a free brewed coffee.
I can't knock the 'Bucks because I have a friend who works there and generously provides me with free drinks.

What I wouldn't give for an Iced Toddy right now. Or a dirty soy chai. Or plain ole black cup-o-joe.
The lack of caffiene is surely going to get to me the most. I had a good amount of sleep last night and already found myself falling asleep in class.

I have three ridiculously detailed lesson plans to do tonight because I procrastinated, as usual. And what am I doing now? Procrastinating.
I am doing African themed lessons and found this really amazing image during my search for sources.
Nick Brandt. Elephant with Exploding Dust, 2004.

I soon began looking through photographs having nothing to do with Africa, and found this one which really weirded me out but kept me looking, questioning, and intrigued.

Diane Arbus. Boy with Toy Hand Grenade. Central Park, 1962.

I could leave a thousand more, but I'll just leave this one. Have a happy Monday.

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Flapjacks said...

well... it ain't easy being green.