Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Motherly Love

So it seems for the first time ever in my college life I have forgotten my mother's birthday.
I am officially a horrible daughter.

With that said,

Happy Belated Birthday Mommy Dearest!!!

You are what, 42 now? And looking fresh as a mornin' plum. Or peach? Perhaps a kumquat?

I love you and am thankful you were born. Because without you, I would not have been born. And this blog would not exist. And I never would have experienced the following things:

I remember being in high school and when I walked into the living room where you, Mike, and Taz (English Bulldog) were all sitting, the entire room reeked of noxious gas.
I asked you, "Who farted??"
You started laughing and said, "Take your pick!"

Remember when you had to take me to the emergency room because I had a urinary tract infection, stomach virus, and was dehydrated? The nurse hooked up my I.V., but accidentally left it tucked behind my pillow where it dripped water down my back for around 20 minutes. When we discovered this, you doubled over laughing and almost peed your pants. You then had to search the halls for nurses to come and fix the problem.

Speaking of doctors, I loved how you always looked through all the drawers and cabinets when we were waiting for the doctors to come in.

And how you told me to go outside and pretend I was watering the lawn so I could spy on the neighbor's conversation. (Cumberland house)

And how you once handed me a bottle of Robitussum when I had a cough and instructed me just to "take a swig."

And all of the awesome birthday parties you threw for me, cakes you decorated every year, and Halloween costumes you made for me.

Thanks mom! I'm glad you were born!


Lacy said...

She is also a wonderful grandmother as well. I can't believe you forgot her birthday though. :)

Ben said...

What, no thanks to your older brother for reminding you of your shameful behavior? :) Man those things bring back some fond memories.

Tony said...


TexasDeb said...

OK - speaking from OUTSIDE the family - I would say a Mother as wonderful as yours reads to be has completely forgiven you this now publicly atoned for gaffe.

Just don't let it happen again!

PassivePastry said...

debby do.... you are correct.
my mom gave me this email, with the subject line "forgiveness"::

"O.K. I am peeing in my pants again just reading your blog. You are such a creative, wonderful, daughter, just like your mother!!! I do love you.

Mother Dearest"

All is well in the world. :)