Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Gazpacho!

School work and life in general have been making me a little batty lately. 

I decided I needed a "real meal" other than just eating my fruits and veggies alone. When Shaela was here during my last flush, she made me some exciting avacado, orange, mango dip thang. I decided to make Gazpacho.

A certain Chef CHARLES shook his finger at me in the past for my description of the non-purist version I prefer- which includes hard boiled eggs and bread crumbs. Unfortunately my current diet keeps me from using such things, so I made a sooooomewhat more simplistic version. 
Using these things- (this is NOT a cooking how-to blog, folks)

Red Onion, cilantro,  parsley, tomatoes, cucumber, Habanero peppers (which are currently burning the flesh off of my hands), lemon, red and orange bell pepper, garlic.

Then I did some chopping and blending, using the blender borrowed from good ole' Marny-


I blended most of it, but then added lil' bits of chopped onions, bell pepper, cucumber (seeds removed), and parsley/cilantro, and avacado. 


Go Eat, Vote, and have a happy Tuesday!


Flapjacks said...

what the hell is that thing on your tummy?

PassivePastry said...

why, a plunger silly pants!