Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sweet Street Beats

Friday:  Indian food at Swad and a trip to the Indian grocery next door. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING.... I will be returning. Swad has never let me down, and is definitely my favorite Indian food restaurant in town. I'm not sure if it is on the menu, but the servers carried out crepes folded into a tube shape that were over 3 feet long! Wowsuh!

Saturday: Got a ticket while parked in the C-lot on campus. Had to go do a paper at the PCL and there was NO parking. Boo. Being a good student cost me $25.00.

Volunteered at Art from the Streets. I was shocked at the amount of work there. And the amount of art I wanted to purchase. I limited myself to $100. 

Debbie Vargas

Jeremiah- I had to get some food related art. 

I talked to several of the artists, my favorite was Mr. Sauvage, AKA Ms. Sauvage, Mr. Wild, and Ms. Wild. "Drummer, Artist and Fashion Diva."

He didn't actually talk, so we had a conversation with she/he writing on a piece of paper. I asked if I could take a picture of the work with him in front- he kindly agreed and made sure to carefully adjust his bosoms before I snapped the photo. 

Art I bought by Mr. Wild-It has "Wrestling, WWE, Jackie, and 2004 written on it. 
Don't think I'll be able to  hang it in my classroom.

Another artist and I had a long conversation about Mexico and salsa dancing. And another, who actually is pretty well off and has shows every now and then around town (he charged over $500 for his work) talked about art at the University and how hard it is to 'make it' as an artist.

 Sergio Rodriguez

I'd really like to volunteer at Arch. And was mildly amused as I walked to my car at all of the overt harassment I received from the men in line to get into the shelter for the night. 

I haven't eaten all day. I think I'm going to eat some Phở, yo. 


Ben said...

Mmm Indian food. Our India boss is heading this way so I'm sure I will be eating it at least twice this week. My favorite Pho place closed down recently. :(

TexasDeb said...

I am glad you enjoyed the Art from the Streets event. It is amazing and gives you a totally different view of street folk in Austin.

Shaela said...

Excuses. I've got 'em. But that's old news to you, so I'm going to skip that part.

The text you just sent me achieved its intended purpose - you now find me, compelled by a combination of love and guilt commenting on your (lovely) blog while at work. I think my boss just walked behind me.

Uh. The thing that comes to mind first is, in regard to your peanutbutter cookie post - nice birthday presents for people who are not me! Nothing like making the former favorite cookies of a gluten intolerant gal around the time of her birthday for which you got her precisely zero presents.

Also, just write stuff for your Peace Corps application. The interview is more important, of it seemed so to me. Medical clearance process comes after the interview. Dun sweat it.

Also, I love your paintings.

Ha, so there. I've lost the respect of my colleagues, but I've satisfied your need for attention. Worth it.