Friday, November 7, 2008

Arts and Farts

I had a dream I made homemade tequila, went to a party with friends in NYC, got hit on by a photography grad student from UT, and then returned to a fabric store where all of my friends were staying the night and studying for an exam. 
Then my alarm went off. Time to go be a student. 

Sometimes I don't feel like a student. Especially not an art student. 
For about 200+ hours this semester, I paint. Or sit in the studio at least. 
I have two blisters on my finger from stretching canvas yesterday that are telling me, "You pansy artist, you!" But at least I finally feel like a bit of an artist. 
And I've produced some work this semester worth showing. 


So here you are. 
None of these are completely finished. 
These are my friends and scenes from west Texas, home sweet home. 


Grant and his booking agent, Rosa



I am about to go to class, and then San Antonio for the weened to attend TAEA art teacher conference. Hoorah. On Saturday night, I'll be going to Wurstfest with my brother Bean. So excited!!! Will definitely be photos to share. 

Have a cool, creative, artsy fartsy day!!


1 comment:

TexasDeb said...

Have fun at Fest - have a brew and a brat for me, would ya? and thanks for sharing your work.

I am really having fun with the juxtaposition of the very personal (your friends) and the archetypal landscape elements of West Texas (cattle, oil rigs, etc.)

How very idiosyncratic of you artsy fartsy gal!