Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Satan got you by the heel, there's a bird's nest in your hair."

Yesterday I woke up from Halloween fun and quickly realised I had to be downtown in a couple hours to volunteer for Dia De Los Muertos. 
I bought a recovery Kombucha and energy bar from Wheatsville, a sammy from Jimmy Johns, and headed out.
(My mom left a second message on my voicemail, where all she said was "Get your guns up, Go Fight Win" and other Texas Tech silliness)

At the Day of the Dead festival, I was assigned to the children's table where I melted in the sun and eventually had to create a visor from the masks that the children were decorating. It was a very popular place to be all day and luckily the parents did most of the work so I was able to sit (in pain) in the sun and observe the Chihuahuas in costume and Frida Kahlo look a likes. 

After my shift, I met up with a pal and we watched the procession on 6th street. A large group of zombies stopped in front of the Alamo Ritz and performed Thriller, which was pretty thrilling- to say the least. 

We also took a look in the Mexic-Arte Museum. There were really amazing altars, and I was especially impressed by this huge beany floor design, dedicated to a baker of traditional sweet breads. My altar would most certainly include foods. 

Luckily, through all of this I missed the dreadful Texas-TTech game. My mother (who graduated from Tech Law) called and rubbed it in my face, though. 

Now I have to search for a blender of some sort to borrow... I gots me some Gazpacho to make!

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