Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gettin' Raw!

So a few months ago, two of my friends and I decided to do a raw fruit and veggie flush. 
Only raw fruits, veggies, and water for 7 days. 
They both quit within the first day. (My guy friend was a smoker so that got to him)
I lasted 6.5 days. 
My fridge looked like this: (No, I didn't drink the beer)

Now I'm feeling like I need to do it again. The last one was really, really successful. I don't know how good or bad this kind of thing really is for the system, but in my case it cut out my sweet tooth considerably, it made me salt my food less, and I dropped 5 pounds- which never came back because my appetite was also greatly cut down. 
Lately me being stressed out and busy with school has made me not be very nice to my body so I figure this can't hurt. 
I'm also going to get serious about my yoga practice again- by serious I mean going 5-7 times a week. I went the other day and had a really, really good class. I want to keep up with that good feeling, inside and out. My class goal is to do half locust like this guy, hopefully by Christmas, and work on opening up my hips. Yee-haw!

Note: Do NOT try this at home or without a 105 degree room. :)

Here is my fridge now, after an expensive trip to HEB. 

I do allow myself nuts as a "fruit" so that I will get some extra fats and protein, yah. 

I'm starting tomorrow.  One more day of eating whatever I want. And what have I chosen to eat so far?? Why, sushi of  course! 
The most challenging things for me will be not having coffee, bread, or cheese all week. WIsh me and my body luck!


Flapjacks said...

ah, yes. you can do it, it's really easy once you are focused and realize what you want from it. I'm not sure how much back dated LaToaBW you've read, but I like to fast, and there is a label for fasting related posts. My next ten day affair will be in March. get'em girl.

TexasDeb said...

Feasting and fasting are all part of a balanced life.

Speaking of balanced, hips open or closed I would never try that pose in any room, 105 degrees or not.

I tried hot yoga, listened to my body, and my body said "not for you, girl". Seriously.

Not knocking yoga - or fasting either one. You are awesome to be setting such goals. Get 'em, seconded.

PassivePastry said...

what is LaToaBW? Looks like secret code to me- Google doesn't even know what it is... :) I'm not sure my mind could handle completely fasting. You go mister.

Bikram yoga is definitely a love-hate relationship, and I'm addicted. Sometimes I lay there wanting to murder the instructor. Sometimes I think I will vomit and pass out and die on the spot.

But Mooooost the time I leave feeling really strong and like I made a lot of progress. It's nice to see changes each and every day in the body. And I have the body of an old lady.. "creeeak, groooan, crack" goes my joints.

Off to buy something fried and covered with cheese!

Ben said...

I thought you weren't supposed to refrigerate tomatoes on account they would lose their flavor? Those HEB greenhouse tomatoes last forever sitting on the counter. Made Mexican Cornbread tonight - sure you don't want some leftovers?

PassivePastry said...

yes, BEAN, I am aware. But I get really bad fruity flies in my apartment. :) And I'm using those tomatoes for gazpacho anyways, so it should be OK.
I do make an exception for my bananas.

Flapjacks said...

sorry about that. that's my long ass blog title all tiny style. blah. blah. blah. never refrigerate your naners.