Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Peanut Butter Teacher's Pet

It's a couple of folks birthday today, and Veteran's Day. 
I decided to stray from the usual rice crispy treat, and make these guys- which I haven't made since high school. Shaela, I would mail you a dozen if I could. 
One of the people I am giving them to is big on coffee, so I decided to make some strong-arse coffee and add it to the chocolatey filling. I also used semi-sweet Ghiradelli for the filling rather than milk-chocolate because the cookies are plenty sweet and milk-chocolatey. 
The cookie recipe alone is eggg-ceptional and I had keep reminding myself "It's for the pals, it's for the pals" to keep from eating them all as I removed them from the oven. 
One box went to my cooperating teacher. Along with a birthday pencil, Frida Kahlo magnet, and "to-do tattoos" (I am in love with these tattoos and have one on my wrist now with "get a life" listed)


The other box is going to the coffee connoisseur mentioned earlier, along with a pencil and birthday gourd, which gets a post of it's own. The rest will go to whichever friend pays me the most.... With happiness and sunshine of course. 
I hope my pals enjoy, I know I'd like to have a friend like me. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Follow up:
Sooo I got this in exchange for one of my deliveries:

Plus one fantastico dirty dirty chai, plus one iced latte mistake that I gave to saraaaaaah who is sitting next to me. 
raw green beans for lunch! yeah!

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TexasDeb said...

Adorable Frida dolly. Do they have a to-do tatoo that reads "lose 9 pounds"?

Cookies look amayzing. I'd send over the basket of sunshiney happiness for some immediately if it weren't for me not wanting to live in elastic waist pants.