Friday, November 21, 2008

Edible Happiness

An ongoing list of my favorite foods and restaurants. 

Better buttermilk biscuits by SHAELA NAY- Odessa/Albany Texas :)

Sushi- all types, colors, shapes and sizes- Various Locations

Bread pudding from Eddie V's- Austin, Texas

Fajita with queso or chips and queso from Rosa's- Odessa,Texas (BEST queso EVER)

Fried green tomatoes and fried pickles from Jo-Jo's- Odessa, Texas

Brunch from Moonshine- Austin, Texas

BBQ from Cooper's- Llano, Texas

Longhorn rolls at Kyoto- Austin, Texas (I know, NOT sushi, but they have their place!)

Breakfast BURRITOS from Fajitas and More- Odessa, Texas

My mother's Tortilla soup and beef rouladin

tuna and avacado tartare

movie theatre popcorn with butter (a guilty pleasure, really)

Sam's aka Stouffer's party-sized meat lasagna

fresh baked semi-gooey banana bread

avocados, asparagus, raw green beans, purple grapes, watermelon

raw oysters on the half shell

grandma's food= chicken fried steak, fried okra (corn meal batter), potato cakes

my grandma's red velvet cake

buttermilk iced cookies from DJ's- Odessa, Texas

gnocchi from Starlite- Austin, Texas

Chocolate cake from Johnny Carinos- most cities

cheesy garlicky corny grits

homemade pickles from Starlite- Austin, Texas

Homemade Ciabatta by Chef Boy- Austin, Texas

Hambooger from the meat market- Odessa, Texas

Bread pudding from Paggi House- Austin, Texas

to be continued.....

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TexasDeb said...

Yummy list. I think I gained a pound just reading it.