Friday, January 23, 2009

Teaching perks

A conversation today between Mykayla, a third-grader, and myself. 

M: Mrs. Blount, do you have kids?

Me: No

M: Do you want kids?

Me: When I am older

M: How old are you? 20?

Me: 23 (Am I supposed to give away my age to students? dunno)

M: Mrs. Blount, you look pregnant to me. 

Me: uhhhh, that's not very nice to say to someone 

Kids say the darnedest things. 


Flapjacks said...

yep. wait til you hit the eighth graders...

TexasDeb said...

Me oh my. What fun. I wonder what she really means by saying that. "You are somebody I think of the way I think of my Mom?" ...or..."You are somebody who is good with kids so you ought to have some of your own"... Something along those lines I bet.

Third grade...what a great year that was. Hang in, Ms. Blount!