Monday, January 26, 2009

Bubbles of Meat

I had my nightly seminar class tonight and treated myself to a gyro from Longhorn Poboys. 
Now I am not at all an expert on Gyros, and only a couple of years ago learned how to properly pronounce the thangs. I don't think I even tasted one until college. 

But this version I had tonight hit the spot. 
The meat was a lamb and beef mixture, which I like because lamb alone is usually a little too, errrrr, lamby for me. 

This post isn't really to talk about my gyro experience, but rather the experience I had throughout my class and into the night after eating this delicious lil' meal.....

the gyro burp. 

I can't get enough of it! 
Usually burping up the flavours of past meals can be gross, unappetizing, and even bring on the urge to vomit or brush my teeth. But this burp is only bringing back good memories of a yummy sandwich and making me feel hungry for more.  I don't even want to brush my teeth for fear of my sweet, meaty burp getting tainted!

I think I also like that the burp is a strong enough flavor to overpower my medicine-drenched, cough drop mouth and phlegm reminints that have been accumulating all day. 

Isn't this a pleasant post? 

I thought so!

Happy eating and burping and hacking! (but never smacking!)


TexasDeb said...

Ummm I think I am left speechless. Not in horror or disgust, just, well, what is left to (urp!) say?

That could totally be their new sales slogan: "Gyros - buy one now - enjoy it again (and again) later!"

Flapjacks said...


PassivePastry said...

oh man.... i could use another...
where IS the best place for gyros anyways??