Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Teachers have fun too?

My Birthday in the shell of a nut:

My lovely cat Emma pooped in the floor and puked on my window. Yes, it even fell on to the wall below it and the floor. Thanks Emma.  (Just be lucky you get the photo version, you don't have to clean it up)

I treated myself to coffee and a bagel sandwich with yummy chipotle corn pesto from Clementine.

School all day. The students wished me "Happy Birthday."

A drink from Elephant Room

I can't NOT make faces. I am part alien. 

Kyoto Happy Hour in the fun traditional seating. Hooray for fake sushi longhorn rolls! mmmm!

Evelyn slipped the waiter a note on our sushi order saying it was my big day. They gave me a birthday orange with a candle and umbrella in it. 

So cute! and healthy :(.

Birthday spanking from Marny and mostly Evelyn on the way back to the car. 
Paaaaaainful! If somebody drove by they probably would have called the cops- I was laughing/screaming and trying to cover my arse from her amazingly strong hand. 
It was fun. 

Sleep at 8:30. 

Today: delivery from Sarah. Cupcakes, yay!  not healthy:) !!

This is the face of a student teacher who is not used to waking up early everyday. 


Thanks to all my pals who made me feel special, even if I did call it a day several hours early. 


Charlie Hills said...

Just came from Austin Agradolce and had to see what "Moonlit Wenis Crinkles" was.

I'm still not sure. I'll keep poking around. :)

PassivePastry said...

ha. i'm not sure either. if you find out, let me know. :)

TexasDeb said...

Happy Day After Pastry!! Your cat really knows how to celebrate. Nothing screams "festive" quite like poop or puke from your furriest friend.

Up side is now you have a "quit yer complaining and be glad yer birthday didn't start like mine did" story in your repertoire.

Yay for fun out on the town and that nobody called the cops (or the Girls Gone Wild videographers) on your parking lot spankfest.

Have a good Thursday!

Flapjacks said...