Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cheers, Darlin

I'm serious about food. Seriously. 

Paggi House. 

I stopped by last night for happy hour and would encourage all of you to make a reservation pronto..... Feed yer lil' heart with warmth and happiness that is oozing from this relatively new Austin eatery. Treat yerself to an exceptional food  and wait staff experience... in an environment that is equally warm and comfortable. 
Granted, the cold front was blowing in and I was wearing my vintage yellow coctail dress at the outdoor bar- not so warm- but after sipping on a French 75 Sparkler (ingeniously designed by my pal Cavason) and stuffing myself with bread and butter- I was comfortably warm inside and out. 

The main food I went for, something I haven't had the pleasure of inserting in to my mouth hole in my 22 (Almost 23!) years of existence, was Beef Carpaccio. (sorry my photos do not give these beauties justice)

Everyone I do know who has tried this dish is a fan. I wanted to give it a shot but didn't really know what to expect. I wasn't expecting it to Moo as it entered my mouth or anything. All I know is I wasn't expecting it to disappoint- and it sure as hell didn't. 
"Arugula, Parmesan Reggiano and Red Onion Relish" was the description on the menu. I couldn't bring myself to leave one speck of cheese or drop of olive oil on my plate- it was all amazing. The cow and it's friends were having a dance party in my mouth. Seriously. 

The overall experience was kinda like bare feet in cool grass. Hoola-hoops on Mars. Cheeks full of marshmallows..... You get the idea. Now if I could have had more of their pastry chef's bread pudding I would have become a sparkly, rainbow explosion right then and there. That stuff remains my favorite food on earth. 

I feel like I cheated myself- showing up to this place and only trying two things. I left completely happy with all tried and every person I encountered while there (and the amazing bathroom), but already was and am hungry for more. 
All I know is this... I need to quickly befriend somebody with the money to take me to a full meal at this establishment. *nudge nudge, wink wink*
(My birthday is this Tuesday?!?!!)
I'm sure we would both benefit from the experience, if not from eachother's company... our bellies will at least be happy. 


TexasDeb said...

Wow - I am glad to hear this incarnation of Paggi House is off to a great start.

Paggi House isn't exactly new, you know. It is in the second oldest structure in town and opened at least two times before and folded.

I'm really looking forward to trying out this version. Thanks for the review. And, Happy BIRTHDAY tomorrow kid!

wv:hosorma, a blend of herbs and sour cream, as in "would you like some hosorma sauce with that carpaccio?"

PassivePastry said...

ahh yes, i was told that about the house... i guess i was referring to the newest version of paggi. :)

if i wanted to be really irresponsible i would treat myself to a meal there (or somewhere else nice i've never been) with my birthday money.... but something tells me buying groceries and doing laundry is more important. :(