Monday, January 12, 2009

Bouncing round the room

Card from my marmy- It included paper dolls with a runway and fashion accessories! yay!

I received two boxes in the mail from my folks... It is my birthday tomorrow, after all. 

My daddy gave me a ton of Harry and David moose candy goodies. My favorite animal is a moose, and I do like my chocolate and caramel covered popcorn.. Yumyum! He also gave me a much appreciated (and needed) birthday check. Groceries for Jennifer! yay!

Today my mom sent me this awesome surprise: Weeee! Juicy perfume, lotion and sugary body scrub!

I always stole hers when going home to Odessa. And now I have my own. I think I inherited my perfume collecting from my mother. A gal just can't have too many??

My favorite perfumes to date are:

Juicy Couture
Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint (next on my wish list)
Ralph Lauren Blue
Miss Dior Cherie

I realize a lot of people might be rolling their eyes right now. This is akin to posting my favorite designer shoes. Sorry to let you folks down, I may live an often eclectic lifestyle, but I refuse to smell like body odor and patchouli. 
So there. 

It's my birthday! (practically)

Happy days!
Thanks so much mommy y daddy!


Flapjacks said...

Happy birthday. Patchouli sucks. Nice phish homage. Hippie.

PassivePastry said...

Thanks mr. Eggplant!
I'm glad somebody caught my phishyness :)

TexasDeb said...

Says the ElderHipp: Hey! Patchouli is OK as long as it isn't too strong and isn't an excuse for not bathing.

Besides, hardcore hippeeze ought not smell like anything at all (except clean).

And...Happiest Birth Day P Pastry. Enjoy your natal day.

PassivePastry said...

agreed, a guy pal i like mucho wears it and i like it. but... i wouldn't wear it fer perfume myself.