Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gettin' Sweaty

For Christmas I received two skidless yogitoes towels and a new Nike yoga mat. 

Want to spend 90 minutes surrounded by minimally dressed, hot n' sweaty people?

Want to spend 90 minutes trying to put your body into positions they may not have been in since you were in yer lil' womb?

Wanna think, 
"I'm going to barf" 
"I'm going to pass out" 
"I can't believe I am doing this"
 "wow! I'm doing this!"
 "I've never sweat this much in my life"
 "I'm in hell" 
"I feel really good about my body"
 "I think I shouldn't have smoked/drank/ate that before I came"
"I really wish I could punch the instructor in the face"
"Man, that guy is hot"
"Man, I feel hot"
"Why am I doing this?"
"I'm so glad I did this!"

All within 90 minutes?!

Well do Bikram Yoga. 
I am starting the 60 day challenge at Yogagroove...
(For newcomers it is only 28 bucks for one month unlimited yoga... woo-hoo!)

60 days of yoga... In a row..... If I miss one, I have to do double on a day. 

It'll be hot!

Happy New Years and a (hopefully) new Body. 

And I'm still working on getting all the way in to this pose- I'll report my progress as time goes on!

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