Friday, January 16, 2009

First Week

Sometimes kiddos really do say and do the darndest things. 

Sometimes I think to myself, "Maybe someday I'll have one of my own after-all."


From my first week of school being a full time student teacher... 

Note to self:

Do NOT wear Banana Republic wool sweaters to class on painting days. Little boys will walk their painting in to your arm. And when you look at them and say "Did you get paint on my elbow?" They will stare at you wide-eyed and shake their head 'NO'. 

A second grade girl who speaks very little english kept calling me "Mister."
I said, "Hunny, I'm a girl."
She looked at me and smiled. I'm pretty sure she didn't uderstand me. 

Two teachers meet me and my cooperating teacher in the art room every day for lunch. It is advised NOT to eat in the teacher's lounge- where all the whining teachers sit and complain about kids and this and that. Today one of the awesome teachers who has been  teaching over 30 years told us this story about her first year teaching:

A boy in her class said, "F%^k  you  Ni$%er" (she is black, and big, and full of soul, sass, and awesomeness)
She walked up to the boy, picked him up off the ground by his shoulders and started shaking him. 
She shook him until he peed his pants, and then dropped him. 
She then walked to the office and said, "I resign, I'm not putting up with this!" or something of the sorts.... and the people in the office all cheered her on for putting the boy in his place. 

I don't think I could get away with that. 
I don't think I could lift a boy- don't have the muscle. 

Birch Trees the 3-5th graders are making now. 

A poem written by Zack S. in crayons, posted on the wall. 

Perfect beginning
Terrible in the Middle
Then the pain is gone soon
The art heals all of the wounds
the beginning comes again. 

I'm tired, but happy. 

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TexasDeb said...

Zack is quite the poet. Promising future for that one.

I am glad you didn't have to lift and shake any students your first week.

And, you gotta figure your first week will be THE HARDEST EVER. From here it ought to get easier and easier.

Good work PPastry! Keep it up.

wv: clazies, as in "Every classroom has its share of clowns, cut-ups and clazies, you just hope the teacher isn't one of them."