Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Green Adventures

Today was beautiful. Is it really January?? Rather than sit in bed and watch Battle Star Galactica (Marny gave me the entire series so I can join the other BSG nerdy birds of the world), I decided to call up Emmanuel and ask him to take me to Greenbelt, as I have never been there in my 5 years as an Austinite. 

We bought some sustenance at the store and were off! 
I was pumped!

And that is how I spent my afternoon, hiking the belt. I was pretty clumbsy at first, and I could tell the thought of having to haul a broken-legged Jennifer out of the place crossed Em's mind several times. 
I climbed up to a hole in the side of some rocks to peer inside, something Emmanuel later told me he was surprised I did. (with the possibility of critters and such)

We looked at rock sculptures and I added to one of them. 

We walked over a waterfall!

We climbed the dreadful Hill of Life, something people would be insane to try and mountain bike up or down... but they do. 

The beginning of the hill of misery. We had a snack break at the top.

Going for an "N'Sync pose"

We tried to find poison ivy, and Emmanuel got the bright idea to rub the leaves of these plants on both of our arms so we could experience poison ivy firsthand....I probably shouldn't tell anybody we did that. Is all respect lost? It was his idea. :)  Thank god the plants we thought might be poisonous really weren't.... I managed to stay relatively itch free the entire 3ish hours of hiking. 

I am convinced that if I hadn't been doing yoga my legs would not have survived. 
But they did. And it was fun. I can't wait to go again when the weather is warm and there is plenty of water for swimming. 

Hooray for Greenbelt!


Ben said...

Please don't start watching battlestar galactica. You're nerdy enough now. :P

TexasDeb said...

What the frak Ben - there is NOTHING nerdy about BSG!

PPastry, poison ivy exposure is not a fun experience. If you really truly want to see some then just google it and look at the photos from the safety of your monitor. And if you think you will ever get the impulse to rub strange plants against your arm then take a look at the dermatology sites with photos of folks who accidentally were exposed. Yikes and Ick!

On the other hand - YAY for the Greenbelt! Glad you had a chance to enjoy it.