Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ummm, why have I never tried Paella?
Why am I blogging past my bedtime?
I'll tell you why. 
Johnny evil-doer Flapper treated me to belated birthday boos. 
Seeing as all teachers are basically blooming alcoholics (kidding, mom.... kind of..) I couldn't turn him down. 
I have to make distractions in my life, right?

Yesterday I was treated to some Brazilian food at Sampaio's with quite the fooodie. I listended to Seu Jorge on my way to the restaurant (settin' the mood), we ate disgustingly good brie, and I topped it off with Paella, a dish I have never had in my lil' life. 
I've decided I need more of this. 
Much, much more. 

Sorry about the crappy photo... 
And sorry about the lack of description. 
All you need to know is go there. Eat, Eat, Eat.....The food is deeeelish. 

The only other Brazilian food I've ever had was Sao Paulo's, which is also deeelish. 

So eat, drink and be merry. 

And hopefully you don't have to wake up at 6am and teach a bunch of Kindergartners how to make coil bowls. 



Flapjacks said...


TexasDeb said...

Let us de-evilize the Flapper. Let's consider him a person who has set helping round out your life experience list as part of his life work. "Quite the Foodie", same thing.

Good friends don't let friends miss paella or good adult beverages.

I am betting every Mommy/Daddy who gets a first grade made coil bowl will take a look at it and say "why thank you! That is VERY nice!" no matter what. And MEAN it, too.

Have a good weekend PPastry!