Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's a wonder I can think at all...

Tomorrow I begin my semester of student teaching. 
Jordan Elementary and Canyon Vista Middle school here I come. 
I'm scared. 
Not sure if I'm scared because our every move around these students is going to be watched, scrutinized, and graded.... Or maybe I'm just scared of having such a responsible, real world routine that I am going to be thrown in to. Waking up at 6. Getting to school at 730 and staying until 3-4 every day of the week. Packing lunches. Brewing coffee. Not getting paid. Having a night seminar class and assignments to do on top of it. 
Evelyn and I are also going to be leading two or three "English Corners" as part of some tutoring experience we need for Peace Corps. This means I will be meeting with 4-5 ESL students from UT two-three times every week and leading them in activities- helping with their english. 
Did I mention I am still trying to do yoga everyday? (I missed three days recently from sickness. But I am determined to keep challenging myself)
I also have to make 50,000 doctors appointments to complete my medical portion of the PC application that I just received in the mail..... yarg. 

I won't be busy at all...... Here's to my sanity. 

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