Monday, March 30, 2009


My brother Tony lives in Connecticut. 
He is married to Karen.
Tony and Karen have two lovely children, Megan and Jack. 
Jack has a school project where he sends a colored paper character named "FlatJack" to different people so that FlatJack can travel away from Connecticut and bring back photos, brochures, and experiences. 

FlatJack went to Odessa, Texas with my mother. 

FlatJack went to San Antonio, Texas with my brother Ben. 

FlatJack finally came to me here in Austin Texas. 

FlatJack and I made a trip to the E.R. 

A trip to U.T. 

A trip to the capital. It was the first time (that I remember) going inside. Yay Jack!

And the history museum. 

We also went to Quacks, the Blanton Museum of Art, and various UT landmarks such as the Texas Natural Science Center, and the disgustingly massive football stadium. 

FlatJack is a well traveled Texan. 

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