Saturday, March 21, 2009

Breaking down

Post sun....I have a very white back... And my pals have very dark arms. 

Secret Hipster shot #1

The past few days have been a blur. 

Wednesday AM:

Marny and I  got coffee and mustache cookies from Quacks. Ran various errands. 

Wednesday noon:

My baby, Jalapeno (Juh-lop-ino)

 The Marny and I rode our bikes downtown to Club de Ville and caught some free music. 
Walked to Mrs. Bea's on East 6th and caught more free music of the girl band variety. 
Were told about the music gym down the street giving out free beer and absinthe. Walked and got some. 

Jolly green American stuff
Rode bikes home and got our swimsuits. 
Biked to Marny's pal (who has a TV) and sat by his pool then watched LOST. Mmmmmm. 


Went with Marny, Evie, Nikki, Stacy, and Sam to San Marcos/Martindale to float in the river. 
It was an amazingly beautiful day. Never too hot. The water was never too cold. The river was so peaceful and we only saw an occasional kayaker. It was a good day and everything felt right. 

I plan to stay this white and wear these floaties all summer.

And then we got to our destination- the DAM- I freaked out and jumped out of my float, forgetting that my can with my car key was in the cupholder and sending it sinking to the bottom of the river. Awwwwwesome. Leave it up to the girl in the giant sunglasses and arm floaties to screw things up on a perfect day. 

Things worked out though- Evie had roadside service that came and popped my car open. Luckily, I just happened to have a spare key in my purse because Marny accidentally locked my keys in my car just the other day. 



I am trying to get caught up on life. Baking another loaf of soda bread that is looking fantastic, doing the laundry, and about to eat some more Irish stew. 

Life is good. 

Oh, and I watched a really quirky documentary last night, I like Killing Flies, about a man (who is now one of my heros) and his New York eatery where he has around 900 items on his menu.... One of my favorite things he makes- "Post Modern pancakes"...... He cooks pancakes, rips them in to pieces, adds them to more batter, and cooks new pancakes. 

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TexasDeb said...

PoMo pancakes sound brilliant.

I am glad you are baking soda bread (looking better all the time) and enjoying Irish Stew leftovers. Here too - it only gets better and better. Yay for the Irish
AND the pancake man.