Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bloated Goats

I have been to Parkside twice in the past week.

My restaurant night week isn't exactly going as planned.... I've only been to Parkside with my pal Peter. But the meal was deeelish. Thanks, Peter!

With both my Peter meal and my Mommy meal at Parkside, I had the chance to eat their goat cheese cheesecake with basil ice cream. The ice cream had pine nut brittle on top of it and there was some sort of strawberry sugar on the plate. 

I think this is quite possibly THE BEST dessert I have had IN MY LIFE. 

goat cheese + cheesecake= genius. 
And I'm not even a huge cheesecake fan. 

Basil  ice cream= now possibly my favorite ice cream flavour...ever.
It was so fresh. yum yum and yum.  It went so well with the cheesecake. yum. 
Did i mention yum? 
I also noticed that the second night I had it, the basil ice cream was significantly stronger in basil flavor..... I loved it even more. 
I hope they don't get rid of this dessert, as I would like to have it at least twice a day. 

I wonder how cilantro ice cream would be? mmmmmmm, cilantro!

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TexasDeb said...

I will second the love for basil ice cream but have to draw the line at cilantro.. tastes too much like soap if it isn't handled correctly.

I haven't been to Parkside yet - so you think everybody should at least try the marrow once or no?