Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green Ribs

St. Patty's Day began at the doctor getting my ribs x-rayed. The pain has not gone away after 3 weeks of Tylenol treatment. 

Good news: no broken ribs
Good news: one Vicodin prescription
Bad news: not really sure what's wrong and I have to seriously rest my chest for at least 2 weeks.... no heavy breathing. no stretching. no yoga. no physical activity. 

But I CAN cook.... And I did, oh yes, I did.....

I followed the recipe almost exactly except I added a bag of tiny peas. I haven't eaten much of it yet but what I have tried so far is quite tasty. I want to make some garlic, cheesy mash potatoes to serve it with. 

I got to use my big ole pot!

One Loaf (flower shaped) Soda bread. (Thanks Austin Agrodolce)

This bread is dangerously good! I also broke in my new cast iron skillet with it. 
I had a guest show up in mid-bake so I forgot to check on it... It probably could have been baked a few minutes less but it is still moy excellente. 

Flower Power

I think I should have made my ball of dough flatter and maybe not cut in so deeply... I'm not sure why it flowered out, but I can tell ya it didn't affect the taste one bit. My pal Evelyn and I have already made quite a large dent in it. 

Now I have one happy stomach and amazing smelling apartment. 
Evelyn invited me to a movie night and I'm hoping to share my foods with her friends, seeing as I have WAAAAY too much for one person. 

Happy green beer drinking day!!

Squint..... There ARE green dot/freckles on our shoulders. :)
I realized I have not been wearing green all day. Does a green freckle tattoo count?
 (Marcie and I got "friendship" freckles over the Christmas break)

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TexasDeb said...

Friendship freckles - absolutely adorable. YEAH they count!

Sorry about the ribs though...especially the no-yoga part. I know that will be tough on you.

Enjoy your stew - we did ours, too. And the bread. It toasts up great if you have leftovers!