Monday, March 16, 2009

spring snooze

Once again, my gal pals and I had a very successful night of 80's dancing at Elysium
So successful, I slept until 6pm today... Only waking up to finish There Will be Blood and feed the cat. 

After waking up and realizing that I hadn't eaten since last night, I went with Cavason to Blue Star Cafeteria and had THE best meatloaf sammy of my life (Not that I've had a lot... but this was gooood) and some amazing fried oysters and chips. I've been here a couple of times and have never had a dissapointing experience. I did have the grilled cheese once because my pal Grant claimed it was the best ever. While it was a damn fine grilled cheese, I still maintain that my sister-in-law Karen's version is the best I've ever had. 

I have decided to avoid SXSW at all cost. The people already taking over the establishments I frequent are enough for me. The last thing I want to do is submit myself to a throng of downtown hipsters. Even if the film and music is divine and they are handing out freebees left and right. 
just....not....worth it...

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TexasDeb said...

I have a feeling the way year round Austinites (Austonians?) react to SxSwers is the way New Yorkers feel about tourists all the time.

I slightly resent that this year SxSW is filling up Austin's Spring Break emptied downtown however. Spring Break week USED to be when the rest of us COULD count on getting a table. Yoicks.