Monday, April 6, 2009



am alive. 

took two certification tests and hopefully passed. 

have less pain in my ribs-but still pain. 

have been cleared on the dental part of my Peace Corps application. 

learned how to use acid goo and etch in to glass- I made a vase with a moose and my initials etched in to it. 

made an amazing pot of Pancit yesterday and some rockin' banana bread. 

gave some of the above to Marny, who now wants to be my wife. 

made an awesome pop-up card to give to an awesome new person in my life. 

ordered my graduation goods and felt really weird about it. 

am really liking teaching middle school art. 

have been keeping on the sunny side. 

have no proof in photographic form of any of the above. 

1 comment:

TexasDeb said...

Graduation is more fun as a concept than an activity. There will be plenty of photos that day however.

Keep us posted about the PC!

Middle School kids are the best/worst. PERFECT AGE for ART.

(glad you are feeling some better anyway...)

That is all!