Monday, March 2, 2009

Yummy Art Night!

My pal Kyle scored two tickets to Art Night Austin because he is a chef at Fete, a yummyful catering place. 
He shared a ticket with me, and I was happy schnappy!

Art Night is a chauffeured tour to several Austin galleries, each featuring catering from a local restaurant, wine from Twin Liquors, and beer from North by Northwest. I learned that pacing myself on the boos at an event like this was key- and had quite the time listening to the ummmm older people there get more and more drunk as the evening went on. 

He also got tickets to the after party at Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop....pretty awesome... with some really amazing scallops, more beer and wine, and disgusting Vodka Iced-tea cocktails.... Not for me. 
Scallops, definitely for me. Thank you Bess Bistro and The Belmont. 

My highlights from the food was braised ribs served over magical polenta from NoRTH.

Oh, and the art was fantastic too. 

Thanks to Kyle for what would have been a $100 buckeroo night.... I had a grand-ole time... even if the wine caused me to stay in bed most of the next day. :)

On a side note, my friend Matt is driving his Shadow motorbike across the country to San Diego....I made him a good luck charm bracelet...  Drive Safe, Kiddo!!

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