Saturday, October 25, 2008

SPECled fun!

As most of Austin was watching Texas beat Oklahoma St., I was running errands all over town. Riding around with lumber hanging out of my car window, and picking up the final pieces of my halloween costume from Hobby Lobby and DSW. While in the area of DSW, I decided to pay a visit to Spec's. I was hoping I would find some vegemite, because I heard it can be found there and I've always wanted to try the stuff... but instead I found all of this!

First with the bad...
Before leaving, I glanced at some "camembert" in the cheese section- one of my favorite cheeses. I thought to myself, "that's odd, it's in a box and only 2 dollars." But I was ready to leave at that point so just added it to my pile. I came home to find out it is actually "camembert pasteurized processed cheese product," and it is terrible. 
Note to self:  Must.....Read....Labels. 

However, I did get some German whole grain mustard to add to my condiment collection. yum yum! 
And some dry cured capocollo, which apparently is pork shoulder. 
I got some danish blue cheese in herby oil that is pleasantly creamy and yummy on the next thing that I found- which was my splurge- but the box was just too beautiful to pass up. 

From The Fine Cheese Co., Fennel Crackers. "Crackers for pungent cheese."
They are really delicious with all of the above items (minus the nasty camembert). 

Lastly, because it was Spec's and all, I bought a sampler 6 pack from the Real Ale Brewing Company. I am tasting the Rio Blanco Pale Ale now and it is moy bueno to my taste buds. 

Hooray for spontaneous liquor store stops!!

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