Thursday, October 30, 2008

All fun and games.

I am about to go here
and drink this

and then do some of this

but possibly this
My friend Marny and I are looking for this  for Halloween night via this

I'm thinking we'll find nothing but this.

Or this.

Do you know any of these?

But these will do too-


Flapjacks said...

may i suggest you go see PONG at the scoot inn tomorrow? it will be a blasty. bike zoo parade starts at 7 at 16th and comal, goes to the scoot, the horsies play, then PONG at around 9:30. should be fun... yip.

PassivePastry said...

Will Mr. Darcy be there? that looks like a good ole time. i used to go to sock hops at the scoot.
My friends bands are playing at this We are just dateless, not that it is necessary. but it'd be f. u. n. specially if the guy wore a gourd costume. :)

Flapjacks said...

dates schmates. who is this mr. darcy?
that other show is right up the street...