Sunday, October 26, 2008

Longhorn Halloweeeeen

The UT art teacher club that I am in-CANVAS (capital area network for visual art studies) did face painting for Longhorn Halloween!

 My Halloween costume was incomplete, and I accidently slept over 14 hours last night/today, so I threw on some hippyish clothes and called it a costume. 
Laurel painted a peace sign on my cheek to add to it a bit. 

An Asian organization of some sort had a booth next to us where everyone was dancing to Michael Jackson, Back Street Boys, High School Musical and Spice Girls. After painting "swirlys" on one of their member's faces, it was decided that I would NOT be painting the faces of small, squirming, sometimes crying children.

Glow stick bracelets were a HUGE hit and quickly ran out. I must say that I benefited greatly from this event, leaving with several batty stickers stuck to me, a friendship bracelet, three glow bracelets, three tattoos, and having tried Mary Jane candy for the first time. 
I'm pretty sure the kids enjoyed it too. 

My cheeky EGG tattoo by Laurel and my crackly smiley face by Marny. I want a real fried egg tattoo, but probably not on my cheek. 


TexasDeb said...

OK is that Master Shake (although not Frylock surely...) - please tell me - those kids can NOT be watching adult swim?? I am tooooo toooo old.

PassivePastry said...

Let's hope not....although my 11 year-old nephew watches Sex and the City with his mother.
I'm pretty sure a lot less tree climbing, refrigerator box decorating and sprinkler frolicking goes on these days.