Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Me so Chicken

Dia De Los Muertos is coming up,  a time for remembering those closest to us who have gone from this world. 

I've always pictured myself dying in some tragic way. Such as being sucked down a swimming pool drain, choking on a peanut, or falling into lava. Tonight I could have died such a death. 

We had a volunteer meeting at Mexic-Arte Museum on Congress, and I was forced to ride a 70+year-old elevator upstairs to look at props. The worker informed us that he had never seen this many people in the elevator at once, as it creaked slowly upwards and bounced to a stop. 

I nearly peed myself. 


After leaving the meeting in one piece and my heart still thumping, I breathed in the suddenly cold air that had blown in and thought to myself, "Hot damn, I'm making me some Jenainese Style chicken and rice!"

I really just wanted to mix the brown rice I  bought the other day with as few things as possible, all bought from Wheatsville

So here ya have it, my Happy October 22 pink sky meal. 

Ingredients (plus some that I'm not telling, 'cuz I can't remember):

Whole Chicken- a nice (priced) organic one




Bok Choy (Gotta have some greens, yo)

Some magical butter of sorts

Brown Rice- cuz I've been craving it. 

I cooked the chicken with some of the above. And some cinnamon and nutmeg because I figure the sky is pink and it's October and I can. 

Cooked the rice in some of the chicken stock mixed in to the H2O. 

Stir fried up some onions, bok choy, and ginger in the magic butter. Pulled off some chicken and they all had a dance party in the pan. Served it up with some chicken and orange juice on top. 

(a new camera is on my wish list)

Now, what to do with the yummy stock and chicken- seeing as I have no desire to debone it at the moment. 


Time to Vent said...

i know a photographer for the statesman that likes to take photos of food!

Flapjacks said...

my produce! yay. nom, nom, nom...