Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lobular Crap

Dear Shaela,

Tonight I called you to ask you this question. But you did not answer because you are probably out on a hot date with a rancher. Therefore I will ask the general public, which really just consists of you. I ask this question because I have come into contact with TWO people with, errrrr, not the best food tastes. When asking them their favorite local eateries, Person A answered Red Lobster and Person B answered Cannoli Joes (a rediculous Italian buffet). I never knew these people existed in Austin. It's understandable that my grandparents only eat at Golden Corral and Whataburger because they are finicky geezers and Odessa doesn't have a whole lot to offer.... But in Austin?? Red Lobster?? Really? REALLY???



Tasteful Insights.
Is it wrong to dismiss somebody because of their taste in food??


TexasDeb said...

So wait - what is your question? Our favorite Austin eatery? Do we only get one??

At the moment I am very fond of the Galaxy Cafe because I can get something yummy and fresh without feeling I should apply for a Federal bailout.

But Galaxy shares that spot with a tier of preferred mid-priced eateries. If cost is no object I'd have to go with Wink, probably.

Fino is grand. Shall I stop now?

PassivePastry said...

I have not tried any of those three places, I will add them to my "Places to go when I acquire money and friends who are willing to pay more than 10 dollars on food" list.