Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oddities in the form of Food

Bought some Garlic flavored mints at Toy Joy today.

Verdict: They began with an initial “Eh, these aren’t so bad.” Followed by a “Hmph, There’s the garlic flavor” ending with an “AcK! I think I’m going to refrain from eating those ever again now that my mouth tastes like a vampire puked into it.”

They also sold these little guys at Toy Joy. I’ll save them for my next trip and when I’m feeling like another good puke-in-de-mouth.

I can understand novel food, but seriously now, when should we draw the line?

I bought these for my step-dad last Christmas-

Why wouldn't sucking on wooden swine be a good idea???

Now, I will give out some credit. Bertie Bott’s Harry Potter Jelly Beans, complete with vomit and dirt flavor, do have some decent tasting lil’ beans.

I am in awe of the vast variety of beanage one can consume. I wonder how those taste tests go. "Today we will be trying out 30 prototypes for booger flavor...."

My personal faves: Black pepper, PICKLE!!!, grass, and buttered popcorn.

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Anonymous said...

booger flavor is gross!