Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pop, the Magic Dragon

I was looking for a store that will remained unnamed for parts to my Halloweeeeeny costume. After walking a few blocks the wrong way on Guadalupe, I decided to make the most out of my mistake and stop at Cornucopia!

Seeing as popcorn is my favorite food of ALL TIME, I cannot believe I have never been to this place, which used to be called That Popcorn Place. They have all kinds of popcorn, from green apple caramel and s'mores to chili and jalepeno.
After trying PICKLE and Pesto, I quickly settled on those. Ha. I know, I probably should have taken advantage of the adorable girl working there and serving me samples. I was feelin' savory today though.
This is mighty fine flavored popcorn. My---T----Fine.

While there I picked up a flyer for this, which looks like a good ole time.

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