Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My feet are so tired, my brain is so wired.

After a successful spin class yesterday, I decided to skip yoga today and, ummmmm, eat cheese.
But not just any cheese, semi hard Iberico from the ole Wheatsville, recommended to me by a certain Amazonian blogosphere pal.
It did not let me down. In fact, I should have bought more because it and the Baba-Ganoush I bought while there quickly became my dinner.

I then remembered I have a test tomorrow, which may or may not confirm that I will suck as a future teacher, and so I decided to study at Quacks. While there (and still here), I decorated this guy, with their shortbread eyeball cookies. (Yes, I had a gourd in my purse.) They also have really delicious Hibiscus tea, which I am having mixed with a bit of lemonade.

My painting professor gave us next Tuesday (election day) off from class. He said he wants us to stay at home and "enjoy being citizens."

I want every day to be Citizen Day.


Lacy said...

Hey Jennifer-
Yes, things have been stressful in my life lately. I am in Dallas, Madison is in Midland but plans may change once we find out the care plan for Autumn next week. Glad to see you have a blog as well. Take care.

TexasDeb said...

Wow - I am bestowing on you a "Girl Scout of the Week" award, for being prepared in the "Having a Squash When Needed" category.

Fess up - did you eat those shortbread cookies eyeballs up or gaze averted?

PassivePastry said...

did i eat them? did i eat them? what a silly thing to ask!

TexasDeb said...

No,no I know you ate them probably the squash and maybe the dog biscuit too- they tasted good even in the photo.

What I am asking is - were they LOOKING AT YOU while you ate them or did you have to aim their little eyebeams elsewhere while you bit 'em?

PassivePastry said...

ha! silly me, i ate their pupils first... or i guess it was a pupil/iris combo... green and delicious. :)