Sunday, April 12, 2009

Life in Costume

In my humble opinion, there are few things in life better than a dog in a good costume. 

Eating pickled okra. Hoola-hooping barefooted in the grass. Making rice crispy treats and italian palmiers while listening to Sam Cooke, and sock wrestling are a few things that would make my list. 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of accompanying Randy to a children's dog parade on South Congress where I encountered something new to add to my list of life's little blisses. 
Randy's roommate Tara is a member of an Austin quirkified marching band, Minor Mishap Marching Band.
Their MySpace page describes their music as such- 

 Trying to ride a bike and play the trombone simultaneously the morning after the Russian circus blows through town. Music inspired by the folks songs of Eastern Europe, the magic of New Orleans, and the pandemonium of the circus.

Did I mention they dress up like bumblebees?? It's not any ole marching band- they include a 7 foot drummer (Also in White Ghost Shivers, an Austin band of the swingin' variety), a bassist with a homemade bucket amp on her back, a warshboard, and a violinist with a lil' amplifier. And that was just the day I saw them... Apparently there is an even wider variety of instruments, from accordions to kazoos. 

Tara is one terribly adorable clarinet player. 

The only thing that improved upon the spectacle was the line of costumed dogs following the band. 

I think if I could pick a superhero power, I would want the ability to make this band appear out of thin air (complete with the dogs of course) any time I felt or I saw somebody feeling blue. 

Happy Easter, y'all. 

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TexasDeb said...

I think you are right. If a body were to be feeling blue, seeing that band, along with a costumed dog parade would just about do the trick.

What color would your cape be?