Monday, April 27, 2009


Let's get the bad news over with....

I was deferred by the Peace Corps for one year. This means they still want me, but not until July of 2010. 
So I will wait around in Austin until then. What will I do? Hopefully something will throw itself at me. Smack in the face. Please. 

Although I am completely heartbroken that my short term plans were shot down, I am keeping on the sunny side. 

Making dinner for special people. 

Cedar Baked salmon with reduced blackberry sauce


Hoola-hooping at Eeyore's Birthday. (While hanging out with special pals)

Marny and Evelyn
Making watermelon homes for watermelon people.

Going to a special friend's senior art opening. 


Helping a special person make more dinner for more special people. 

Tara and special boy whose name I temporarily forgot. :(
And playing games with all of the above people. 

Soakin' up the sun rays despite the rain. 

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