Friday, April 16, 2010

"Places are like people, Some shine and some don't"

Last weekend, Randy and I took a big vay-kay to Houston, Texas where we visited two wonderful peoples, Matt y Meredith. He is an engineering tank guy who brews beer, she is an art-director-assistant gal who writes a fab-o blog. Together they are practically two peas in a pod. Arguably peanut butter and jelly all squished between love and happiness bread.

They took us to a delicious rum-tasting dinner and out for beverages on Friday. Saturday was spent smokin' meat. And Sunday we went out to what looked like an amazing brunch spot (bacon bloody mary's!!!) but I was feeling ill that day and couldn't even bring myself to eat a gourmet fried SPAM sammy.
My favorite part of the visit however, was seeing this couple's AMAZING abode which will one day soon be transformed in to a brew pub.

The house was built by it's previous owners in the early 80's and is jam-packed with charm. Matt y Mere are doing a fabulous job of accentuating all of it's natural beauties while fixin' 'er up.
Peacock themed stained glass...and cloth Curtains.. and lacy Curtains.

Craft Room!! (SQUEEE!) I helped myself to it while Mere was away on Saturday.

Happy cat with sad foot.

Happy Dog with Horse.



Circle rooms with lovely lighting and lovely hanging light fixtures.

These are just a few of my favorite things about their abode. I didn't get a photo of the gold claw-footed tub or the sitting area outside that will one day be an outdoor theatre but you get the idear.
I can't wait to visit again. One day I hope to have an abode of my own where people can wander around and discover little bits-o-Jenniferness around every corner.

Happy Friday!


xymarla said...

Yay! What a lovely post! Thanks so much for the delightful shout-out. We miss you guys already and want you to come back! We will force you to eat a fried SPAM sammy if it kills us.

xymarla said...

p.s. Kick-ass The Shining reference, by the way :)

PassivePastry said...

so glad you got it. :)Hope the Cheat wasn't offended for being left out. I enjoyed his/her company too!

xymarla said...

The Cheat gets plenty of attention. He's the household diva.

Matt said...

What a nice surprise to find out that I you wrote a lovely post about your visit. We had so much fun with you guys and can't wait for you to come back. We'll eat all of our SPAM sammies at the beginning of the weekend next time.