Saturday, April 3, 2010

I like it black

So I bought Randy one of these for a yeariversary present.

Apparently, there is quite a following of this product amongst people who know their coffee. I saw it used at Frank, one of our new favorite Cappuccino spots. I bought it from a fellow named Tyler who placed third in a South Central Regional Barista competition and is always showing us new coffee gadgets when we go in.

Randy's is a red Hario v60 Dripper.

The coffee dripper makes a lot cleaner, and in my opinion, more flavorful cup-o-Joe than a French Press and clean up is a cinch.
There is definitely some (or a lot) of technique involved to really get the best flavor. Temperature of water, speed of pour, size and amount of grounds are just some of the factors involved.

Randy watched a video, read some factoids online (the box was in Japanese) and after one test-run, had an amazing cup of coffee.

It really was a beautiful thing and money well spent. The boy is happy.


xymarla said...

What a great picture of Mr. Math enjoying his present. The boy loves his coffee!

xymarla said...

Weird, I don't know what happened to my original comment? But at any rate, excellent present, and excellent photo of Randy enjoying his present. Adorbs.

PassivePastry said...

i know, right? right? and his shirt conveniently matches the red-yellow color scheme of all the photos. wow-ee!

PassivePastry said...

is it there now?
i'm playing with moderatin' the comments because i keep getting Asian spam posted on my posts. :)