Saturday, February 20, 2010

Updates, Woweeeee-Pow!

I am currently reading Michael Pollan's 'Food Rules', and hope to move on to "Omnivore's Dilemma" afterwards. I tend to have a hard time finding books I like or can get through so I'm hoping the food-subject-approach will help. :)

Today I was informed that I won the best booth/ activity for the Chinese New Year celebration I wrote about earlier. Yee-haw! An accomplishment as a teacher to put down for upcoming job searches. The school gave me a gift certificate (in a red envelope!) to Toys-R-US and I'm looking forward to exploring and finding some new games.

I have only one(ish) week of my Bikram challenge left and we are going out with a Bang! I plan to continue practicing 5-6 days a week after the challenge is over, but it will be nice some days (like when i'm running fever) to not feel like i have to go. It has been an amazingly challenging and rewarding experience thus far. I will write more about it after I officially finish!

Speaking of the yoga, this is Ky Ha, who has been guest teaching at Bikram Yoga Davenport. The other day I asked him about Bikram Yoga studio locations and the possibility of me continuing my practice in the Peace Corps if I go. He taught in Singapore the past two years and is about to move to London. Pretty amazing.

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